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Brisbane apartments: Construction could cause permanent shadows

Griffith University’s Dr Tony Matthews told the Courier-Mail that means permanent shadows, more wind tunnels, and microclimatic changes where there is extreme heat and cold at ground level between tall buildings. Brisbane City Council’s Urban Renewal Plan includes approving clusters of apartment buildings within proximity to major transport hubs. Recently, there has been a heavy concentration of high rise apartment developments in Fortitude Valley, Newstead, the West End and the CBD — and it’s likely to continue. Brisbane could see a lot more towers in coming years like this one, in Mortgage broker Oak Laurel West End, 249 Boundary St, West End QLD 4101, 0430 129 662 Newstead. Picture: Adam ArmstrongSource:News Corp Australia A Brisbane City Council spokeswoman told the Courier-Mail effects such as shadowing and the creation of wind tunnels are considered during the application process. “Council also has a range of Neighbourhood Plans across suburbs in the inner city, to provide residents with the chance to provide feedback on the future of their local area, consider infrastructure requirements and assess environmental impacts,” she said. She also said they consult with local residents on the impact of new buildings. Madeline Walsh rents an apartment in South Brisbane, where construction is booming.Source:News Corp Australia In addition to environmental concerns, there are fears the construction boom could cause real estate prices to plummet around the city. Last year, Dr Lyndall Bryant from the Queensland University of Technology told the ABC the number of new apartments was “staggering”, and that she calculated as many as 50,000 apartments could be added to the city’s skyline. She said she believed Brisbane was nearing its saturation point. However, there are mixed reports about oversupply.

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